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HL7/EHR Integration

20/20 Imaging now includes HL7 & MWL Integration for Opal-RAD systems*.
To take advantage of this opportunity to integrate/interface with your EHR/EMR software, download the guide below, and forward it to your EHR/EMR software company.
Modality Worklist (MWL) is included at no additional charge*.

  >   Download Viewer for Testing


*Opal-RAD database 2.3 or higher required for Integration implementation. Current customers may inquire an additional fee to upgrade to a compatible database version. Additional implementation fee may apply when implementation team is needed to assist the EHR company. 2.3 database system is HL7 pre-loaded/ready. HL7 is the most commonly used and industry standard integration between digital x-ray software and EHR/EMR software. If the EHR company can utilize the guide provided by 20/20 Imaging without our implementation team's assistance being needed, there is no additional charge for HL7 integration. However, should the EHR/EMR company require our implementation team's assistance to bridge our software with the EHR software, there will be an additional $4000 fee required. Some EHR companies will compile the integration at no charge, and other may charge your practice. To request a quote for implementation services, please contact our sales team.