Customer Support

Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10 Upgrade Processes

*Prior to performing any upgrades, please contact our support center to schedule assistance.
*This process requires a certified trained IT professional to handle the upgrade. 20/20 Imaging is not responsible for any Microsoft upgrade processes, and does not recommend upgrading without proper training
*Cost for Microsoft software/licenses is the responsibility of the customer
*If you do not see your hardware model listed below, please check with your IT personnel or the hardware manufacturer
*We are not permitted to install our software on any 3rd party hardware, all computers must be purchased directly from 20/20 Imaging

Compatible PC Hardware:
-Dell Precision T1650, T1700, Tower 3420, Tower 3620
-ELO Touch X-Series AIO
-Dell Latitude E6440, E5540, E5530
-Dell Optiplex 3030 AIO
-Lenovo B40-30 AIO

on-Compatible PC Hardware:
-Dell Precision T1600
-Dell Vostro
-Equus Nobolis (any model)
*If your hardware is not compatible, please contact 20/20 Imaging for options to upgrade your equipment. Do not attempt to upgrade your equipment. See below for compatible x-ray devices


Please ensure you have a FULL BACKUP of your data prior to performing any Operating System upgrades


Windows Download & Installation

1. Visit Microsoft's Website for the download link

2. Options to choose during upgrade
"Upgrade this PC now"
"Keep Personal Files and Apps"

3. After installation is complete, 20/20 Imaging support group will need to re-license the Opal-RAD software (support contract required)

*A clean installation with CD-Media is NOT recommended, as this will require a complete re-installation of the 20/20 Imaging software. This will incur additional costs and require scheduling

Compatible X-Ray Devices:
-Aero (Momentum) DR
-Naomi DR
-iRay DR

Non-Compatible X-Ray Devices:
-Samsung DR
-Agfa CR
-Kodak CR
-iCrco Extreme CR
-Orex CR
-3-disc CR