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J5 Ultrasound

Simply intuitive navigation and workflow for confident msk evaluations

Additional System Configurations available

The J5 Ultrasound System offers touchscreen simplicity and intuitive workflow with focused musculoskeletal (MSK) exams in a compact, portable footprint — exactly what you need to make fast, confident decisions at the point-of-care. The J5 System is especially well suited for evaluations in podiatry that require needle visualization for ultrasound-guided injections and biopsies, and is optimized for the office environment.

J5 Ultrasound

    Top Features:
  • 15” high-resolution, anti-glare touchscreen
  • Wall-mountable (VESA compatible)
  • Built-in 2+ hour battery life
  • Built-in wireless network
  • Freestanding with a Wide viewing angle
  • 5 year warranty

Intuitive & Easy to Use

  • Intuitive, touch-enabled user interface
  • One-touch image optimization
  • Optimal needle visualization
  • Simplified workflow with focused MSK presets
  • Frequently used functions on top-level screens forrapid assessments
  • Fingertip control menu areas and measurements
  • Start-up in under 25 seconds

High Resolution Probe

  • Best in-class
  • L14-4 linear transducer (L18-4 optional)
  • High Image Quality
  • Deep Tissue penetration
  • Unique, lightweight design
  • Fast & clear depiction of structures

Simple Needle Visualization

  • Enhanced Algorithm - in-plane and out-plane
  • Improved steep angle approaches
  • Eliminates the need to position the ultrasound probe perpendicular to the needle
  • (example shown on HS1)


Reimbursement Sample & Cost

  • Minimal Simple Reimbursement
  • Moderate use yeilds even higher returns
  • (exmaple shown with HS1)

Remote Install & Training

  • Step-by-Step system setup by professional 20/20 certified installer
  • Full training included
  • Follow up Q&A post-installation


  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Experienced live technician support after installation

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  • or call 866-734-6234 ext 2