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Windows XP Upgrade Processes

Compatible software: Opal-RAD/Spectacle [see article 1.1], XScan32 [see article 2.1]
Non-compatible software: Onyx-RAD [see article 3.1]

*Ensure Windows does not get re-installed without first contacting 20/20 Imaging to perform a full backup of the system!
*Windows Operating System is to be purchased by your office and installed by your IT Personnel.
*Acquisition PC - Haswell chipset compatibility is limited. 2020i equipment required for guaranteed compatibility.

*Windows 7/8.1 Professional required, Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 8.1 Pro required for encryption
*Windows Server 2008 R2 / Server 2012 also compatible for Opal-RAD Server software use
*Virtual Environments are supported for Opal Server only
*Windows 10 & Windows Server 10 not yet compatible

1.1 Opal-RAD/Spectacle

1. Check your current software version [File menu > 'Help' > 'About'].
*you can call 2020 Imaging support to verify software version as well

2a. 2.1.x, 2.3.1.x will require a database upgrade, fee applies. [See below article 1.2 step 1a]

2b. 2.3.2x, 2.3.3.x, 2.4.x does not require a database upgrade, setup/migration only fee applies. [See below article 1.2, step 1b]


1.2 Opal Database Upgrade & Windows 7/8.1 Upgrade
*All upgrades need to be scheduled with 2020 Imaging, and may be delayed due to increased requests

1a. Database upgrade payment required prior to continuing below to Step 2 (skip step 1b).
Request a quote here

1b. Software setup/migration fee applies when moving from Windows XP to Windows 7/8.1.
Request a quote here

2. Contact 2020 Imaging support to schedule the Upgrade in our system (9:00am).
*If using existing equipment (not recommended); Schedule Backup prior to Windows Re-Installation. Typically 1-2hrs depending on amount of data.
*If purchasing new 20/20 Imaging equipment PCs, backup not necessary.
-Schedule Opal Setup/Upgrade day (current availibility Mon, Wed, or Fri, pending availability); Minimum of 5hrs for setup is required.
NOTE: Entire day scheduled needs to be reserved. Upgrades cannot be scheduled after 10:00am local time.

3. Contact IT Personnel to determine compatibility of current hardware with Windows 7/8.1 upgrade.

4. Schedule with your IT Personnel the Windows installation (if using existing equipment). Forward below to your IT personnel.

5. 2020 Imaging will contact your IT person or office on the schedule upgrade day at 9:00am (your local time zone) and backup time if scheduled.


2.1 Windows Upgrade - XScan32
XScan32 is compatible with Windows 7 & Windows 8.1, 32 or 64 bit.

1. Contact 2020 Imaging support to request a quote & schedule a time to perform data migration/re-installation (and a backup if using your existing equipment).
*If using new equipment PCs, backup is not necessary

2. Contact IT Personnel to determine compatibility of current hardware with Windows upgrade.

3. Schedule with your IT Personnel the Windows installation. Forward below to your IT personnel.

IT Personnel information (please copy/paste & forward to your IT personnel):
- 2020 technicians will need Windows username/password for any new computers being set up.
- It is also required any new computer be on a WORKSTATION, not DOMAIN, with full Administrative rights.
- All Windows updates need to be performed and up-to-date / current to prevent setup delays.
- UAC is to be completely disabled/lowered.
- PC Name: 2020ACQ

- Install TeamViewer 7 Host (version 7 required), record 9-digit ID and password for 2020 techs

5. Contact 2020 Imaging support for full setup of database software, acquire setup, and full migration of data.


3.1 Windows 7 Upgrade - Onyx-RAD

*Onyx-RAD is not compatible with any other Operating system except;
-Windows 2000 [End of life: July 2010]
-Windows XP [End of life: April 2014]
-Windows Server 2003 [End of life: July 2015]

*Onyx-RAD is not Windows 7/8.1 compatible. Predesessor to Onyx-RAD is Opal-RAD. Contact sales for more information.


*Performance of software updates may differ per application relative to existing hardware.
*20/20 Imaging is not responsible for loss of data, backup is the responsibility of the customer.
*Additional fees apply for software re-installations, and database upgrades

*Note, the Agfa Scanner, if utilizing a Firewire connection, will REQUIRE Windows 7 32-bit. 64-bit is NOT compatible.