Opal Demo

Opal-RAD Full Demo

Demo Server Access

You are currently using Internet Explorer Browser 11 or above.
You will see our full Studylist & Viewer software.


1. Select "CLICK TO LOGIN" button below, BE SURE TO return to this instructional page after the new tab is open and continue below..
*You will see 'Opal-CLOUD', this is normal and will be changed via the instructions below

2. Switch to the login tab/page, and enable 'Compatibility View'

  1. Look for the Tools button in top right side of the browser window & click the button
    *If you do not see the tools button, click the 'Alt' key and select 'Tools' near the top.
  2. Select 'Compatibility View settings' option
  3. Click the 'Add' button

  4. Click 'Close'

3. Login using credentials below, then return to this instructional page after the new tab is open and continue below..

4. Upon login, you will be prompted to install 'OpalViewer'. This is a safe program.
Click OK to allow install. Select 'Run' at the bottom of the page to run the installation.
*Select 'Yes' if you receive a prompt for OpalViewerSETUP.exe

*If OpalViewer prompt does not appear: Click upper right, 'Download Viewer - 2.4.x.x'

5. After OpalViewer is installed, you may be asked to allow 'OpalWebKicker' at the bottom of the window. This is necessary for viewing software to run correctly:
Click 'Allow'. The session will log you off, this is normal. Simply log back in.

6. Setup complete!


*see instructions above first, else viewer will not function correctly!*
-see login credentials below-

Podiatry Samples

Username: pod

Password: demodemo


Orthopaedic Samples

Username: hand

Password: demodemo


Chiropractic Samples

Username: chiro

Password: demodemo


Veterinary Samples

Username: vet

Password: demodemo


General Access (no image filter)

Username: all

Password: demodemo